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Situation of Chinese patent NdFeB

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NdFeB saving and environmental protection as a sunrise industry, with small size, light weight and strong magnetic characteristics, widely used in the fields of information technology, automotive, nuclear magnetic resonance, wind power and motors, is by far the best price-performance magnet , the next 3--5-year compound annual growth rate of around 20%. Because the main raw material production NdFeB permanent magnet materials are neodymium, iron, boron, iron alloys and other additives, while China has the world's richest reserves of rare earth, so China has significant resources, cost and market advantages.
NdFeB international patent case
1983 Magnetic Materials Conference USA and the magnet held on Japan's Sagawa real first published paper on NdFeB magnets and has applied for a patent. Before the invention of all kinds of metal NdFeB permanent magnets are not related patent application, directly open to the public, within the industry for researchers studied use. However, from then NdFeB rare earth permanent magnet invention to disclose any new study has necessarily a prerequisite to the relevant national organizations to apply for a patent or patent.
NdFeB patent applications, Japan was ahead. Sumitomo Corporation of Japan in 1983, first to Japan, Europe, the United States drew a patent application on NdFeB composition, followed by General Motors Corporation (Magnequench) also to the three regions ingredient patent applications. Finally, Japan has made a patent in Europe and Japan, General Motors has made patents in the United States. The two companies on patent when NdFeB ingredient made a significant event NdFeB industry, but also changed the pattern of the NdFeB industry. Since then, the two companies have not been authorized by the NdFeB enterprises, production and sales of NdFeB can not be in the United States, Japan and Europe.
Sumitomo Corporation of Japan
Our NdFeB patent case
Currently in China the company has made only eight NdFeB production and sales authorization, which eight Zhong Ke San Huan, Ningbo Yunsheng, Advanced Technology, Beijing Beijing magnetic, silver Najin Ke, is the sea magnetics, Anhui earth bears new materials shares Ltd. and Ningbo Jinji NdFeB magnetic materials Limited. Which is the sea magnetics, Anhui earth bears and New Material Co., Ltd. Ningbo Jinji NdFeB magnetic material is simultaneously May reconciliation with Hitachi Metals made patents.
Last September 18, the US International Trade Commission against 29 companies producing sintered rare earth magnet products launched "337" investigations, including magnetics is the sea, Ningbo Jinji NdFeB magnetic materials Co., Ltd. Anhui earth bears New Material Co. Shares Techtronic Industries company and three other Chinese companies. In May this year, is the sea magnetics, Ningbo Jinji NdFeB magnetic materials Co., Ltd., Anhui earth bears new materials shares reached a settlement agreement with Hitachi Metals, it has made NdFeB patents.
In China, the company has only eight patents, which represents our country the only eight companies to export to the production and sale of NdFeB products in Europe, the US and Japan. However, our country hundreds of NdFeB enterprises, products exports, it can be said, it has restricted the development of patent restrictions NdFeB industry the biggest bottleneck.
status quo
NdFeB industry to now has been 30 years of development, has formed a complete industrial chain. But for our country NdFeB enterprises, the export constraints severely hindered the development of the company, development of the industry.
From the perspective of patents, the general provisions of the international patent protection period is 20 years. Hitachi Metals patents expired in 2003, he re-apply for the patent process is to construct barriers to stop non-patent licensing companies out of the market. Hitachi Metals is the most effective ingredient patent RE patent, but the patent expired in 2003. In addition, the structure of Hitachi Metals patent application will expire in 2014. But it is the way by extending the patent process, so that the expiration time extended to 2029 (the other argument is extended to 2023). Although Hitachi Metals will extend the patent term, but this year he signed the settlement agreement and positive sea Magnets, NdFeB Ningbo Jinji Materials Co., Ltd. Anhui earth bears new materials but also to other domestic companies not authorized see the light.


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